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Today, the most critical criteria in economic and community development is the investment made by countries and companies for R&D department. Information age is a period where multiplier effect of reasonably-added values on competitive power comes into prominence.

Multiplan is a production company with aim to create difference with investment made for R&D and intellectual labor. Multiplan researches and develops ideas which will accelerate materialization of vision, change customers’ life, comply with or have an effect on strategies.
Within the scope of applied research activities, the primary objective is to determine problems which may be solved information and technology within the scope of activity areas of customers, apply development and research on these areas and provide solutions beyond the common methods.


In order to reach our objective, technological trends and machinery are closely followed and particularly projects related to “alternative energy and energy saving” are adopted.


In issues within our strategic research area, we make cooperation with leading chemical, energy, construction, thermal insulation and waterproofing companies, find solutions which will make difference in these areas and make trial productions.