Why Roofs Are Lift Off

Faulty- constructed and old roofs cause loss of lives and property. Roofs resemble plane wings. Due to wrong and deficient applications in Turkey, wins blowing from beneath cause to lift off. According to statical studies, it is observed that there are approximately 300 roofs lifted off in every strong southwest wind and water tanks placed on roofs without making required calculations cause serious problems to arise.

Today, in addition to protecting the building like a shell roofs carries on additional functions. It is observed that solar heaters used to procure hot water, water tanks placed on or between roofs, photovoltaic panels used to obtain electricity, satellite dishes for television and sometimes base stations are placed on roofs. There will be no problem if this equipment is placed on roofs based on a calculation or project and in accordance with procedures.

However, as we commonly see in Turkey, additions made without any calculation or emptily create serious danger for structure and its environment in cases such as wind, storm, and earthquake. These loads pose a huge risk for Turkey where 95% of population is under threat of earthquake. When some important phases are ruled out in planning, construction and repair processes of roofs with a good or bad grace, for example when a roof project is not performed, construction methods are not applied, non-standard materials are used or construction works are made by unqualified or unauthorized persons - serious problems arise. Wind and earthquake connections of roofs are of vital importance. A particular attention should be carried on to correct connecting of roofs to the building to prevent roof lifting cases which happened commonly in windy weathers as well as earthquakes.

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