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03-07-2013 DOW Elastomers: Case Study

"Creating The Bright Future For Roofing TPOs In The Middle East"

A joint effort betwen Turkish-based Multiplan Waterproofing Systems and Dow Elastomers is set to have a positive impact, offering a more diverse portfolio of materials for the roofing industry in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Innovation know-how combines with entrepreneurial spirit to deliver customer success

A specialist team from DOW Elastomers began working with Multiplan Waterproofing Systems in 2009 to create a new generation of Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Roof Membranes designed for the waterproofing of un-ballasted white roofs. The results was a first for the Turkish-manufactured TPO membranes.

Now, with the commercialization of the new Multiplan TPO membranes well underway, both companies have gained a significant foothold throughout the Middle East and Eastern Europe markets as more roofing contractor come to appreciate thier advantages. Multiplan uses its central location in Turkey as distribution advantage by not only supplying the Middle East but also seeking opportunities in Eastern Europe, Russia and eventually Western Europe.

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