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Through strategic plan and objectives of our company, we aim to manage efficiently our human resources by adopting revolutionary human resources systems which will make organization structures dynamic and hold our employee satisfaction on high level.;


Election and recruitment


Recruitment of members who are human-friendly and have knowledge and experience to carry our company to the future and regard working life as an indispensable part instead of employees who will meet only today’s requirement.


Training and Development

Creating an organization which will have training to institutional and personal development.



Preparing a professional job environment with any development opportunity for our employees developing career development resources  and growing leader staffs of the future.



Awarding of success by evaluating performance objectively to contribute to development of employees and company,


Our Family

Considering families of our employees - determiners of our success for achieving our objectives - as an indispensible part of our organization.


Adopting society values and accordingly providing satisfaction equality of opportunities in all applications are determiners of our main Human Resources Policy.