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To be leading actor in waterproofing market in Turkey with diynamic solutions we provide,
To make Multiplan Yalıtım Sistemleri San. Tic. A.Ş a quality, fast and gracious isolation brand,
To contribute to development of isolation market with values we add for isolation service,

To be a company citied by relationship with customers, employees and government,

To follow closely developments in the world and etablisha a modern service model in Turkey.



To be customer-driven. To be revolutionary,

To fulfill customer need in the fastest and productive way and provide maximum customer satisfaction,

To add constant value for customers, employees and shareholders,

To assure quality, speed, stability and realibility in the service.

To have a stable, productive and profitable growth,

To make contribution to Turkish economy and be a an example in development of the industry,

To establish a high-level employee productivity and communication,

To follow and implement techonological developments,

To increase competitive capacity,

To be a company in which employees are happy and proad of being part of it,

To develop professional approach and understanding in isolation systems.