Insulation Rigid Foam Board

MULTIBOARD is a fire-resistant thermal insulation component filled with rigid thermoset polyisocyanate (PIR) which are produced and controlled in accordance with TS EN 13165 Standard and double-sided CFT (coated fiberglass tissue).

MULTIBOARD is a construction material with high thermal conductivity which is produced along with auxiliary materials as result of reaction of two main components. Gases inclined to be vaporized due to heat occurring as result of reaction of components make thermal conductivity perfect. MULTIBOARD insulation components are produced by combining PIR material between two sheets by means of constant process method.

With its superior energy efficiency, greater cost effectiveness and proven fire safety, Multiboard insulation is the insulation trusted most by roofing professionals. Multiboard rigid foam board insulation is the ideal choice for any project and is used in approximately 70 % of all new commercial construction applications. Multiboard is easy to cut and handle which can lead to reduced installation times and labor costs. This environmentally sustainable product also contains recycled content and can contribute to overall LEED®certification for energy optimization and material resource credits.

Utilization Areas;

It is functional in every area desired to apply thermal insulation.
- Roof
- Covers
- Partitions
- Ground


- A high performance rigid thermoset isolation component: Thermal conductivity as low as 0.024 W/m.K
- Adhesive compatible with solvent-based adhesions and with signle-layered or bitumen membranes (?)
- Compatible with bitumen based and mastic asphalt water insulation systems (?)
- Compatible with green roof systems
- Easy supply and installation
- Ideal for restored structures and new buildings
- Produced from harmless and safe materials
- High fire resistant/inflammable/self- deflative
- Tested by approved organizations for load-carrying, integrity and electrical resistivity performances
- non-decreasing insulation performance (see. Aged thermal conductivity test result)
- long-lasting economical solution.
Technical Information:

Thickness: 45 mm Width: 1,2 m Height: 2,4 m Storage: Store in a dry place and original package.