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An advanced power is consumed to arrive at the point of extension because of its rigid structure. An extension of % following 8-10 a one-way flow start and this breaks the weakest point. There is no return once the extension begins. 



It is more flexible compared with PE - HD but this has a low chemical resistance. Even if there's no break after the extension, structural deformation is possible for this material.



This is more elastic compared with PE - HD, PE - LD. There will be the deformation during this extension which is performed after a high durability.



There's no flow or deformation. This protects its plastic-elastic effective feature ' to the breaking point. PVC - P is the most effective thermoplastic product to bear the effects of sittings and of the floor.


Point Resistance

PE - HD has the best performance of sustainability and it is followed by PE - LD, PVC and pp. The breakdown of products have differences: PE - HD is pierced and broken by dropping the point or is precisely the needle. Other materials are drilled without any impairment. PVC is drilled dropping due to extension.


Surface resistance

This is type included everyday as the resistance surface. This test includes testing of the membrane with water pressure in a container full of gravel.