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The reason to prefer the TPO membranes are their most advanced resistance compared with others. He is known by the tests of aging that they have a durability of 20-30 years. In the event of a suitable product, they can be integrated with temperature welding. TPO membranes have a share in the market of the United States; they become more and more frequent and increasing their share in our country and Europe. 

TPO membranes which are made only by Multiplan Yalıtım Sistemleri A.Ş in our country are manufactured in thicknesses of 1.2, 1.5, 1.8 and 2.0 mm in accordance with the standards and special production is also possible.


  • Layer laminated resistant to atmospheric conditions, rays of sunlight and roots of plants 
  • Possibility of installing freely in roofs and especially those lightweight metal through mechanical stabilization
  • Advanced dimensional stability and tensile strength thanks to its dimensions of rollers and economic application as well as the materials of equipment.
  • Decreases energy consumption thanks to its characteristic of reflectance advanced
  • recyclable material eco
  • Width of product: 1,57-1,60 mm
  • Breaking strength: 180 N is sufficient in accordance with the standard EN 12310-2 but we provide 300 N
  • Resistance to traction: 800 N / 50mm is enough but we provide at least 1100 N / 50mm 
  • Resistance to impact 400 N/mm is enough but we provide the moins700 N/mm